Idris Khan & Annie Morris

This Autumn, Pitzhanger Manor & Gallery proudly unveils an emotionally resonant exhibition featuring the works of British contemporary artists and life partners, Idris Khan and Annie Morris. Imbued with themes of emotion, time, and memory, the exhibition engages in a poignant dialogue with the Manor’s neo-classical architecture, designed by Sir John Soane.

Showcasing over thirty works that seamlessly traverse the Gallery and historic Manor, the exhibit encapsulates a diverse range of art forms from sculpture and photography to painting and embroidery. Morris’ arresting Stack sculptures stand as a vivid testament to personal loss and the resilience of the human spirit, each irregularly shaped sphere bursting with colour. Khan’s works, such as My Mother (2015), delve into the intricacies of cultural memory and personal history through abstract forms.

What sets the exhibition apart is the synchronicity between the artists. Morris’ vibrant use of colour has nudged Khan towards a more diversified palette, revealing the subtle but influential ways their individual practices converge and inspire one another.